Monday, April 30, 2007

are you a fan of Dreamgirls, the movie?

now you can get those beautiful dresses worn in the movie through an auction on eBay. these are the ACTUAL dresses worn in the movie by Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Rose, so if you plan on actually wearing these, make sure you're similar in size to the actresses. height according to imdb: Beyoncé Knowles is 5' 7", Jennifer Hudson is 5' 9", and Anika Rose is 5' 2.

auction proceeds go to charity too, so check it out!

Monday, April 16, 2007

your dream ferrari right here

of all the things i thought you could find for sale on the web, i never would have thought you could buy a FERRARI! it's not that i want this car but it is cool. you know my true love is the prius i got last year - and the great mileage i get driving down and up from san francisco to san jose every day.

who's ready for spiderman 3?

spiderman 3 the movie opens on may 1st and i can hardly wait! i've collected spiderman stuff since i was a kid. my favorite memory was running around the neighborhood during halloween in a full body spiderman costume. i could have been the 3 lbs of candy i ate that night too. well, i'll be first in line to see this movie. checkout the vintage spiderman collectibles i found on ebay.

will sanjaya win american idol?

have you been watching american idol this season? i'm nearly caught up (thank you tivo) and there's a contestant named sanjaya who's got an amazing following. i'm a fan, even though his singing abilities are questionable. he's got a support group on myspace too, and checkout all the stuff on ebay related to sanjaya. i'm going to bid on a "i support sanjaya pin."